Moroccan Riads: The Ten Key Facts

The Ten Key Facts About Moroccan Riads

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Moroccan Riads are getting absolutely famous and they are becoming the Nr. 1 choice for lots of tourists to stay at when it comes to Morocco Accommodation. Therefore I thought to include some key information for you, in just a short Top Ten list that you ought to know about Moroccan Riads. Enjoy and comment. 

  1. Riad, Dar or Bab?

Riads and Dars are similar in their concept but Dars are smaller and have a totally tiled smaller courtyard while Riads can be translated as „house with garden” and this is exactly what it’s all about. A Bab can be any house as far as I’m concerned, so they don’t refer to anything in particular.

  1. Riads offer privacy

Riad and Dars are both very private and they cannot be seen from the outside at all. Many traditional style Riads and Dars have no big hotel signs on the outside to this day. It’s like disappearing from the always busy crowd in the Medina and getting to an Oasis of your own.

  1. Riads are not hotels

You should never confuse a Riad with a hotel or a boutique hotel. It’s often its owners who directly take care of your comfort so regard everyone at a Riad as your equal. You can even make a long lasting friendship with the owner or at the least, they will assist you to have the perfect authentic Moroccan experience.

  1. Riads are personalized

This point is in direct connection with point Nr. 3. You will be given a personalized service and often each room looks very different too and you will have the choice to choose the one most fitting to your taste. You will get personalized service and if you are open to communication you will be able to learn a lot about everything Morocco.

  1. Riads can however cause a cultural shock

There will be a separate article where I’m discussing this interesting phenomenon: but to be on point here, some people like to be among animals in a zoo, while others feel safe only if viewing the animals from a distance. If you are the type of person who prefers to keep distance, or you are more of an introvert, I wouldn’t suggest you to go „deep waters” with a Riad. First get used to Morocco from a nice hotel, then if you decide to want to experience more, then go to stay in a Riad

  1. Riads are about communication and learning

A Moroccan family is big and talks all the time. One knows nearly everything that happens with the other family members so all in all, what I’d like to say with this is that get used to communicate constantly. Riads are small. You will need to interact with everyone working there, with the owners with the other guests. This is what makes the experience complete and this is really the beauty of a Riad. This way, you will be helped and you will learn TONS on what to do, where to go, where to book for a trip, about culture, traditions and just everything. It’s also a great chance to create lifelong friendships with the fellow travelers.

Riad Edward poolside
One of my favorite Riads I will write more about: Riad Edward with its signature pool area

  1. The best Riads are mostly located in the Medina

This is not a golden rule though, but around 90% of them are located in a Medina and that’s also part of their beauty: that you step out literally to a different world, you are the middle of all the action with most of the attractions being just a walk away. In case of a Medina they ARE the attraction though.

  1. Riads are like cultural bridges

I could be referencing many of the points above but one thing for sure: if you want to soak up knowledge and literally see, eat, experience the Moroccan lifestyle, there is just no better place to stay than in a Riad.

  1. Riads can give you a fantastic culinary experience

If you choose wisely, you will have your food experience of a lifetime! Many Riads still offer the traditional Moroccan cuisine (look for one like that) and there is no yummier way to a culture than through its cuisine. For this, there are Riads receiving dinner guests who don’t stay there but can eat there like at a restaurant. You can honestly not compare the cuisine of hotels and Riads as the latter is so much better.

  1. Riads will surely make you return to Morocco

If you choose your Riad wisely and you are open to embrace all the cultural differences they will surely bring you back to Morocco. The Riad lifestyle is a great lifestyle and I know if several travelers who literally got hooked on the Riads and they keep choosing the same ones or experience a different one. But one thing for sure: they will return to this magical world: Morocco.

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