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The top reasons why a Riad is better than a hotel

The top reasons why a Riad is better than a hotel The popularity of the riads is definitely on the rise. This can be mainly thanked all those influencers who get to post on Instagram about all the chic riads they get to stay at when they travel to Morocco. And just like it’s a duty, each influencer has to visit Morocco at least once every year, especially this time of the year, around wintertime. When I started this blog, the concept of a Riad was definitely lesser known than it is today. Yet I’m pretty sure, there are still many people out there, who would be very glad to learn more about them. This is exactly what inspired me to give you all the best reasons, why staying at a riad is so much better than staying at a hotel. The post is particularly triggered for all those, who find it hard to move out of their comfort zone and those who firmly believe in staying in the hotels of particular hotel chains ( luxury hotels). Beautiful Riad interior with a small swi

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